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Business to Business or B2B applications are one of the fastest growing eCommerce segments. As the inter-dependencies are increasing day after day. Businesses are engaging with each other on a more larger extent so as to sell or market their goods and services. B2B web applications open up brand new possibilities for any organization allow them to do business anytime and from anywhere. B2B applications use an online trading system between suppliers, customers and business partners to increase the efficiency of supply chain at lower costs, collaborate initial ordering process to the distribution of the final product and help improve customer service.

There are various types of B2B applications:

Buying and Selling: B2B buying as well as B2B selling applications provide an avenue for businesses to purchase and sell their product or services to other businesses through an electronic transaction. This can be in the form of personal web portal or an eCommerce website.

E-commerce: It is an online portal via which businesses can connect with each other and do transactions in the form of goods and services.

Marketing: Businesses can also use electronic means to market their services and goods to other businesses. This includes email promotions and electronic newsletters in order to promote your product or services among other businesses.

A-1 Technology has been involved in developing B2B applications for a long time. Our developers as well as programmers have been part of various projects related to B2B application development. We have extensive expertise in developing components for deploying a full-fledged B2B solution - be it a B2B portal or a B2B application. < br />

Services we Offer:

  • Infrastructural Upgrades.
  • Import Data to Client Site.
  • Custom Software Development.
  • Implementation at Client Site.
  • On-going Support & Enhancement.
  • Preliminary Design (navigation, flow charting, data model).
  • Requirements Research (research, interview, document, review).
  • Testing and Acceptance (test data importing, user testing and feedback).
  • Company goals: Summary and Overview (people, skills, equipment, processes).
  • Design Development (presentation and business logic, data access and search,
    data and screen layouts).

    Domains We Cater to:

    • Database Management.
    • Technical Communications.
    • Software Usability Reviews.
    • IT Services Management.
    • Project Management And Business Analysis.
    • Business Continuity Planning and Regulatory Compliance.

    A-1 Technology has a framework to develop and deploy a B2B solution ushering in rich quality at low cost input. We emphasize hugely on security which is the base for any B2B application. Our proven developmental skills and robust methodology has lead to a range of B2B solutions.

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