C Sharp Programming

There are various Microsoft technologies used widely for developing dynamic web based applications and web services. Among them is C# which is basically a modern, object-oriented language developed for the .NET platform. It encompasses on the same path set by its predecessors by providing programmers with various tools and services that can fully utilize computing as well as communication.

The biggest advantage of using C# is that it is a robust programming language that integrates robust security protocols. It runs on various servers and is supported by various platforms. A-1 Technology has years of expertise under its belt in developing rich quality web applications in C# programming language.

C# is a simple, type-safe, object oriented, general-purpose programming language. Visual C# provides code-focused developers with powerful tools and language support to build rich, connected web and client applications on the .NET Framework. It is intended to be suitable for writing applications for both hosted and embedded systems, ranging from very large sophisticated operating systems, down to the very small OS having dedicated functions.

C# is basically based on its predecessor C++ language and includes aspects of several other programming languages (most notably Delphi and Java) with particular emphasis on simplification. We at A-1 Technology have highly skilled and dedicated developers and programmers who are well versed with all the features of C#. Moreover, our development process tends to be highly versatile and incorporates the overall feature set of C# without sacrificing the power and control that have been a hallmark of C and C++. Over the years we have been able to fuse C# with with C and C++ and created widely appreciated web development projects.

The reason why many developers tend to incline more towards C# is the fact that it is more typesafe than C++. Moreover there are no implicit conversions between booleans and integers, enumeration members and integers and any user-defined conversion must be explicitly marked as explicit or implicit, unlike C++ copy constructors and conversion operators.

Due to its elegant object-oriented design, C# has become an ideal choice for creating subset architecture. Our developers and programmers at A-1 Technology offer a wide range of components-from high-level business objects to system-level applications. Using simple C# language constructs, we are able to convert these components into XML Web services, allowing them to be invoked across the Internet, from any language running on any operating system. This makes our applications universal giving users easy access.

Our C# development process is highly economical with regards to memory and processing power. Due to this, there is very little burden on the resources of an enterprise.

Various technologies used by us along with C#:

  • .Net Framework.
  • Visual Basic
  • ASP.Net
  • C, C++
  • OOP and SOAP

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