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The biggest question in the mind of any web administrator is to turn the website visitor into a customer. In order to achieve that aspect one of the biggest attributes is to implement an eCommerce website that can focus on providing a real time marketing service to any organization. A professional eCommerce web site gives that added functionality where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks.

Internet has undoubtedly opened the gateway where businesses can reach and interact with customers across the globe. It has opened a Pandora's box where users can reach potential customers and do business without any location constraints.

We at A-1 Technology have been providing our clients with all of the necessary design, development and marketing services for them to have an online presence. With over a decade of expertise in creating custom web designs for clients globally, our developers as well as designers have generated a niche for eCommerce industry. We've worked on numerous eCommerce projects ranging from retail, services, entertainment, media and much more.

If the importance of a professional eCommerce website has to be put it can be said a business would never get a sale, if the customers are not satisfied with the functioning of the website. This not only include the design of the overall website but also well-organized and easy to navigate aesthetics.

Having a solid eCommerce platform is the foundation of your online business and we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology to increase your profitability. A-1 Technology’s eCommerce Website Design and Development solutions offer a powerful combination of design and technology. This comprehensive set of online e-commerce technology is designed to help you make the most of your new or existing business. Our E-commerce solutions will help you increase your sales and improve your bottom line.

eCommerce Design and Development Solutions we Offer:

  • Newsletter module.
  • Messaging services.
  • Inventory management.
  • Coupon/Promotion Module.
  • Advanced Search options.
  • Custom User Interface Design.
  • Integration with other services such as Fedex, UPS, Quickbooks, eBay, Amazon.
  • Custom Affiliate Marketing Capabilities or integration with services such as commission junction.
  • Online catalog management.
  • Gift Certificates services.
  • Online shipping and handling.
  • Order routing and fulfillment.
  • Extensive Documentation Support.
  • Up sell /Cross Sell module to enhance your sales.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Security using encryption via SSL.
  • Credit Card Integration/eChecks etc.
  • Admin Module to manage complete store.
  • Accounts receivable and general ledger.

Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while encompassing on flexibility and customization as per the requirement. Our team of designers and developers work in coordination with our clients taking their inputs at every step of the way so that the final product ushers in ingenuity and matches their brand value.

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