Mobility Solutions for Financial Services

The spurge of mobile applications has touched every aspect of economy. Its integration into the financial sector has allowed many institutions to streamline their work- flow management and optimize their reach to a large userbase. In this ever changing economy, it has given a huge boost to the financial institutions who are able to get better results by coming up with innovative ways to connect with their customers and provide them with better service.

Every bank, investment firm needs to be ultra responsive and driven with on-delivery mobility solutions, so that they are able to transforms themselves in a sustainable environment. We have worked closely with many financial institutions over the years and provided them with enterprise mobility solutions an services.

We have a multi domain experience which gives us versatility and helps us create efficient products and services. We have a long list of satisfied clients from the financial sector, who have benefited from us. Being an important sector for the economy of any country, there is a lot dependent upon them to pave the way for others and address their operational, management and risk management challenges to the niche.

Our professional team is dedicated to deliver streamlined customer experience via mobile banking solutions. We have developed Enterprise Mobility Solutions for some of the Leading Banks in US and other financial institutions which are actively involved in money transactions through smart phones.

Financial service industry has an ever increasing demand with corporations being challenged to boost its Return on Equity in an epoch of exceptionally low interest rates, judicious consumer spending and moreover the trend of consumers inclining towards mobile banking. Keeping in mind the Mobile User Experience we have created apps for some of the popular Merchant Gateways which allows charging Credit Card in a secure environment through your iPhone and Android devices.

Some of our innovative ideas that have shaped financial institutions are:

  • Users can pay bills, see account balances and transaction history, transfer money between accounts and send wire transfers.
  • An app that allows scanning the checks through Mobile Camera and can email it to Bank.
  • We integrated the iOS app with card-reading attachment that allows you to swipe a card if you have got a Wi-Fi connection.
  • We created an Account Billing Application for a Florida based client which is a one stop shop that provides multiple users interface.
  • Virtual terminal Module: Virtual terminal is payment gateway interface in which user can submits its transaction details and send request to payment gateway in web encrypted format and get back the response from payment gateway whether successful or unsuccessful.
  • Fraud analyzer Module - Fraud analyzer is system in which user can create a set of rules for doing transaction monthly, daily ,hourly etc. this system can manage the transaction according to rules set by user.

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