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Internet is made up of billions of websites, sharing information and connecting users with one another. The designing and implementation of websites has changed in a drastic way with more rich content being used along with intuitive design elements. Earlier website used to be static with its emphasis majorly on just the content. But over the years the market dynamics have changed and there are various factors that are involved in developing a website.

Design elements, intuitiveness, easy of content sharing are some of the major challenges that a developers has to overcome in order to make website a success. The 5th major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web: the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) has market the collaboration of all these elements that makes up for a dynamic website.

A-1 Technology has been developing HTML based websites for a long period of time. Our developers along with designers work closely to incorporate all the elements of design as well as core functionality. There is special attention given by us on new features introduced to help Web application authors and new elements introduced based on research into prevailing authoring practices.

There are various features of HTML5 which makes it an ideal choice for creating a dynamic website.:

  • Hyper-threading for web browser makes it very easy to treat every open instance as a different thread so that it does not pose any threat to the performance of the whole website. This feature is hugely beneficial for web applications running on heavy scripts.
  • The incorporation of various video element has boosted the importance of HTML5. Earlier flash was a prominent technology used for displaying videos. But with the coming of HTML5, there was no need to rely on third party proprietary plug-ins or flash. It has become very simple to embed a code to a video with ease bringing it at par with images.
  • The new web standard calls for website to be more dynamic with various Canvas elements being incorporated into it. By rendering images and graphics on the fly, website become more vibrant. Gone are the days when websites only used to showcase static images along with text hovering over them. It is a time for canvassing images over images to make them appear unique. All of this can happen without the need for a plug-in and a simple code bringing a whole new meaning to dynamic.
  • HTML5 has lead to a whole new era of web applications which has made internet more meaningful to use. Its core functionality provides ability to store web applications locally in application cache, making it very easy for users to access the application. It diminishes the need to connect to internet to run an application.
  • There are various APIs out there that use the functionality of HTML5 in geo-location and high level location based web applications. It is very easy to incorporate in a web portal, so that you can target audience of your website according to their location.

At A-1 Technology, we put in various elements of developing a website using HTML5. We have team of skilled HTML5 Developers that have a huge expertise and are technology savvy to create impeccable websites according to the industry standards. As the technology moves forward, we have been upgrading our skills and knowledge to provide you the best website development services.

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