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PHP Programming Services

The web technologies today are going through huge transformations, with various options to develop web-pages coming into picture. Gone are the days of simple HTML based programming, where static web-pages were portrayed on the majority of internet. PHP, a widely used general purpose scripting language, was one of the first server side scripting language to be embedded into HTML. This embedded data made it easy to render a web-page from server side rather than calling an external processing module.

The biggest advantage of using PHP is it capability to include a command line which could be used in a standalone graphical application. This results in dynamic web-pages making the overall user experience very intuitive. There are a lot of features that can be added using PHP, without overloading the website with scripts.

Over the years A-1 Technology has been at forefront in web development market using PHP as a development tool. Our dedicated developers and programmers have created performance oriented, secure and scalable PHP websites with emphasis on quality as well as budget. We have a wealth of experience of PHP driven web development and can enhance your online presence by development unique, fresh and fully functional PHP website and web applications.

We at A-1 technology have a proven methodology and laid procedures to ensure smooth functioning of a website. We have successfully completed several projects using PHP/MySQL technology and continue to integrate the latest trends in Open Source development.

PHP can be deployed on most web servers, operating systems and any other platform. PHP is widely used for developing dynamic, database-driven websites. Whether you want to develop an e-commerce system, an e-business application, a collaborative system, content management system or back-end system for data management, A-1 Technology is ready to provide you with a dedicated team of PHP developers to develop reliable and scalable solutions based on your requirements.

We have been a part of range of PHP development services including:

  • Feedback Forms.
  • Forums and Blogs.
  • Website Statistics.
  • E commerce websites.
  • Online File Management.
  • Customer Management Systems.
  • CMS (Content management system).
  • Integrated Search into websites.
  • AJAX based PHP Web Application Development.
  • Custom Webmasters Tools & Script Development.
  • Administration Panels using back-end integration.
  • Classified and Online Ads Posting website using PHP and MySQL.

Our core strength lies in delivering open source solutions using LAMP technology (PHP/MySQL) cakePHP, Zend Framework, Joomla, Drupal, SugarCRM, Magento and Moodle. A-1 Technology is a perfect destination to get the top quality service as we have extensive expertise in PHP technology. Our team comprises of specialists in Open Source technology enabling our clients to take maximum benefit in PHP framework. We have extensive experience and knowledge base in developing high quality web applications in PHP. Our PHP developers have relevant experience and deep underlying understanding of PHP based frameworks and systems.

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