Quality Assurance

There is a common fallacy among many users that quality assurance is all about testing. Although Quality Assurance has always been tied to the production process in app development, it also plays an essential role in the execution of an application. Testing on one hand, is a part of quality assurance, but QA cannot be limited to various types of tests. It has a vast horizon which overlaps with different software development phases.

Many organizations downplay the significance of quality assurance, but the fact cannot be denied that there have been various real life instances where an ad-hoc approach towards quality control has been detrimental.

At A1 Technology, we understand the fact that negligence in quality control will result in failure to meet clients’ expectations, end user exasperation about the flaws and ultimately negative publicity for your brand. Our proven methodology and diversified QA process involves validation and verification of application development.

Starting from the early stage of inception, We put together a QA staff that tests the approach, scope and end goals of the development life cycle. Verification and Validation both play an important role in quality assurance as it prevents errors and bugs in the early stages of development. It is very important to rectify all the inconsistencies at an early stage to ensure cost effectiveness of the whole development project.

Our Quality Assurance services are provided on-site, offshore or a combination of both, based on customer’s requirements. We provide integrated Quality Assurance solutions that include Test Strategy, Test Automation and Test Execution. The following is a short list of quality assurance principles:

  • Test and QA activities start early in the software development life cycle.
  • Quality is built into the solution: “Do it right the first time”.
  • Each step or phase is validated before moving ahead to the next step or phase.
  • Repeatable processes are established and used by all like projects.
  • Processes are continuously reviewed and improved.

Our QA Test Center provides the solution to your e-Testing dilemma to help you address the problems faced by your organization. A-1 Technology continuously maintains and enhances the test environment with a state of the art hardware infrastructure and best-of-breed tools to ensure high quality testing and shortened project time-lines.

Moreover, our alliances with leading tool vendors help reduce your testing costs. A-1 promises a compelling experience that will generate new and greater revenue opportunities, increasing customer loyalty and hence gaining competitive advantages for your organization.

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