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Enterprise mobility solutions have gained a lot of buzz in the recent years with major emphasis being laid on productivity and efficiency. There is no denying the fact that there are many enterprises that have started to embrace mobility solutions after taking into cognizance the importance of real time information sharing.

The socioeconomic paradigm of business world have transformed a lot in the recent years making it very difficult for enterprises to stay afloat on the basis of legacy business processes. But still there is a huge cloud of doubt that has been looming over many organizations who are finding it really hard to take the next big leap of transformation. This slow and cautious trend has in turn enabled companies like SAP to offer various tools to make it easy for enterprises to make the transformation.

Sybase Technology or Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) is a mobile enterprise application platform, that helps enterprise developers to create applications that can connect business data to mobile devices for back-office integration and work-flow management. The basic functionality of this platform is to address the challenges that are invoked in order to connect back-end enterprise data on to mobile devices in a safe and secure environment.

A-1 Technology has been putting a lot of expertise in this aspect understanding the needs of enterprises to outgrow each other by implementing mobility solution. Our robust methodology and stringent development process results in top quality service. Our team comprises of specialists and analysts that enable our clients to reach their potential with easy and secure implementation of Sybase Technology.

We also specialize in Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) provided by Sybase Inc., serving a lot of large enterprise and companies. It is a structured and cost- effective database management system used by most of the companies worldwide.

Benefits of A-1 Technology and Sybase:

Sybase provides a high-performance mechanism for recording and retrieving business related records. We incorporate the speed and agility of Sybase to create applications with immense performance ensuring that information is securely managed and retrieved when required. We also incorporate a high degree of openness in to the project making the overall process transparent.

By integrating efficient and useful data structures that easily address ad-hoc queries related to storage and retrieval of data, the result leads to higher quality and powerful integrity controls.

Using Sybase for business is an intellectual approach for a safe and secured data management. Our developers consider Sybase as the primary engine for information system especially for a distributed client/server architecture. Our products are popularly used especially in commercial and industrial systems. Through Sybase, our clients can reduce their IT costs and explore new business opportunities.

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