Mobility Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

There are a lot of business obstacles in the transport and logistic operations like fluctuating fuel costs, environmental effects and regulatory obligations. The dynamics of the business ethos has a very little room for error as the control over cost expenditure in transport and logistic industry is very difficult. We at A-1 technology help companies to overhaul their service level and add flexibility while keeping the expenditure at a minimum level. We ensure that our transportation and logistics partners are able to attain a sustainable supply chain, efficient fleet utilization and better customer care.

Real time information on the moment of goods as well as employees is the most important aspect to maintain fluidic work-flow in any transport organization. This is why the role of IT in this sector becomes very vital to streamline operations in order to have an edge over others.

We work closely with our clients in order to understand their business model and help them create a centralized operation management ecosystem. We have vast experience in the Transportation and Logistics Industry with clients ranging from road, rail, marine, infrastructure, express, post, distributor and logistics service providers. What is most important aspect of our mobility services is that each project is customized as per the need of the clients to attain maximum profitability.

Package tracking : This service helps track your shipment accurately, in order for you to have real time information on the movement of the package.

Route Planning: The biggest challenge faced in the transportation industry is the route planning. With time and fuel, the biggest hurdles for profit making in this industry, it becomes imperative to have real time knowledge of best routes. This also involves scheduling picking and delivery options of shipment.

Customer Convenience : Although the bulk of operations in transport industry is focused on logistic management, one aspect that is always ignored is customer care. We provide a variety of convenience applications aimed at improving customer relations which also effect operations.

Our mobility solutions for Transportation and Logistics include:

  • A complete analysis on what investment is required to make in mobility of business.
  • Potential business opportunities for B2C (Business to Customer) and B2E (Business to Employee).
  • Expected ROI (Return on Investment) and Business cases analysis for better understanding and business opportunities.
  • Detailed business architecture and required road map.
  • Maximum resource utilization on minimum cost of investment report.
  • Documentation of mobility process from SOS to expected fruitful results.

Mobile Tracking:

  • Delivery/ pickup management system.
  • Fleet Management system.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) Based Tracking System

Customer care applications:

  • Bar-code Scanning Apps.
  • Signature Recognition Apps.
  • Mobile Boarding Pass.

Mobile enables operations:

  • Cargo Placement
  • Mobile Airport Solutions.
  • Line Busting Apps.

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