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Sr. NoPositionSkill SetExperienceCityCountry 
1C# DeveloperC#, Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure, Google), Software development building production software systems, object-oriented design, data structures, algorithms, and problem solving, 04+ YearsPune, BengaluruIndia
2C DeveloperC language on AIX platform (AIX is an open operating system that is based on a version of UNIX.), Tuxedo middleware, Informix database, redhat/Linux/java PERL, PCI , 04+ YearsBengaluru, Chennai, PuneIndia
3Android FrameworkJava, C++, Linux, application manager, UI framework, connectivity service, telephony service, networking protocols like TCP, IP, UDP and mobile technologies like GSM, UMTS, LTE and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.04 - 06 yearsBengaluru, KarnatakaIndia
4.NET MVCObject Oriented Design Methodologies and OOP’s, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Microsoft .NET technologies such as Visual Studio .NET, C#, ASP .NET, MVC,WebForms, AJAX, Jquery, ADO.NET, VB.Net, WCF, Microsoft SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS and SSAS and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
5(C# WPF/WCF)C# WPF/WCF, C# /OOPs/Design Principles (C# Backend), multi-threading, data-structures, Unit-testing frameworks (N-Unit preferred)04+ YearsBengaluru, Pune, ChennaiIndia
6FSD JavaJava + React + SQL/NoSQL + AWS Cloud + JUnit04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
7Node with React DeveloperNodeJS, React Js JavaScript, Typescript, API, Express, Lodash, MongoDB, PostgreSQL08+YearsBengaluru, Pune , ChennaiIndia
8Business Analyst/ Project ManagersBusiness Analysis, Product Owner,HIR,EMR, PACS 3-9 yearsGurugramIndia
9DevOps with AWS EngineerDevOps, Powershell, AWS, C#.Net, gitlab, AWS CloudFormation, PowerShell, scripting experience, C#.Net, .Net Core, Docker, Windows & Linux (both OS)04-10 YearsPune, Maharashtra, BengaluruIndia
10Sr. Java DeveloperMicroservices, Spring boot framework, Core, Lambdas and Advanced Java04-08+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
11Java Fullstack DeveloperJava 8, Microservices, Spring boot, AWS and UI (React / Angular)05-08+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
12AEM DeveloperJavaScript frameworks, Java Content Repository (API) suite, AEM/CQ5 and CQ603-06+ YearsBengaluru/Chennai/Pune India
13React JS DeveloperReactJS with Redux, Typescript, Next JS and MySQL04-08+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
14Angular Js DeveloperJavascript, Ionic, Cordova, MongoDB, Jasmine, RxJS and MySQL04-08+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
15C++ DeveloperC, C++, Data structures,Yokto and Any Application frameworks (C++ or Java-based)03-05+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
16Sr. Dot Net Fullstack DeveloperAngular 2+, C#, .NET, MVC, WebAPI, SQL server, Restful Services and microservices04-06+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
17Sr. Dot Net DeveloperASP.NET MVC, .NET CORE and SQL Server04-05+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
18Sr. Fullstack DeveloperNode Js, React Js and AWS05-08+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
19Xamarin. Classic Developer + iOSC#, Xamarin. iOS, .Net Framework, JSON, XAML/XML, Mvvm, GIT, SQLite 05-08+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
20Xamarin DeveloperXamarin Forms, C#, MVVM architecture and XAML.04-06+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
21SAP PP QMSAP S/4 HANA, UI5, Fiori, SAP UOM, SAP PRA, SAP BTP and CI/CD, 04-08+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
22Vue JS DeveloperVueJS, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, object-oriented programming (OOP) and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.04+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
23React Full Stack DeveloperHTML5, CSSJavaScript, ES6, React JS, Redux, Microservices04+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
24Node FSDNodejs with framework express, Socket, Koa with AWS(EC2, ELB, Autoscaling, CloudFront, S3) and MySQL, Mongo DB and Frontend technology HTML, CSS Value Added kills(Preferred): in React, Angular, JavaScript will be plus.04+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
25ReactNative with BLEReact Native, BLE integration, HIPAA, libraries, APIs and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.04+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
26React Native Developer React Native Framework, React Native, JavaScript, Swift, Java, iOS Bridging, HTML5, CSS, Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa Touch, Core Data and Core Animation04-06+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
27ReactJS with Typescript developerJavaScript, CSS, HTML, and front-end languages, Redux, Flux, Webpack, ReactJS, Typescript, Familair with ORM, GraphQL Background / Apollo Server and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.04+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
28Node.js with MongodbNode.js, Koa.js, or Express.js, databases preferably MongoDB, JavaScript (ES5 and ES6), ElasticSearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Node.js and NPM , Azure or AWS, TypeScript and Git, ReactJS, Angular, JQuery, IIS, Apache, Nginx and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus04+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
29Azure .Net FSDAzure Cloud, Microsoft 365 certification, Asp. net, C#, MVC, React in front End05+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
30Embedded CC, C++, Ethernet, PCIe, DDR controller, DMAC controller, DMAC 05+ YearsBengaluruIndia
31Full Stack Developer (MEAN/MERN)Full Stack , React/Angular/Vue, CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript (ES6 and above), MEAN/MERN stack, Agile/Scrum development04+ YearsBengaluru, Chennai, PuneIndia
32Java Developerjira, Confluence, Java 8, Spring boot, Spring cloud, Micro services, AWS.04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
33SAP ABAPABAP, Reports like ALV & Classical, Sapscripts, Smart-forms, Adobe forms, Module Pool, Userexits, BTE, BDC, BAPI, BADI, ALE, IDOCS, OOPS, SD, MM & FI module, SAP Implementation, Upgrade projects & HANA, SOLMAN, Workflow , Webdynpro, UI5, Odata, BRFPlus, FPM and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.05+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
34Front End DeveloperHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, key design principles, server-side CSS, Adobe Illustrator, SEO principles04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
35Unity 3D DeveloperUnity3D, C/C++, C#, Multiplayer gaming. (SocketIO, mirror, Photon, UNet, MLAPI, OpenGL05+YearsBengaluruIndia
36Ruby On RailsRuby on Rails end to end development, Cyber security domain, Python , Java , etc for development and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
37SAP PP Consultants. SAP MM, PP, WM, QM, PM, MES, SAP HANA live and HANA studio, Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) implementation of ECC and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.05+ YearsPune, Maharashtra India
38Java Backend developer• Required Skill Set: Core Java, Java 8, Spring, Spring Boot, Database, Unit Testing & Rest API. • Good to have knowledge of Spring Security, and JPA04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
39Frontend Developer-Reactjs+ReduxCSS, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, REACT, REDUX, Web/UI technologies: JavaScript, ES6, HTML/CSS, React JS, Redux, any MVC/MVVM JS Framework04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
40Technical_Trainer (.Net)ASP. Net, C#, WCF/Web API, MVC Framework, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, jQuery, MS SQL, MS Access, Angular 8+, React, Ajax & Controls, SQL, JS Frameworks, Devops 03-05yrs Gurugram/ MohaliIndia
41Technical_Trainer (Java)Java, Spring boot, Microservices, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, jQuery, React, Ajax & Controls, SQL, JS frameworks, Devops 03-05yrs Gurugram/ MohaliIndia
42Javaacript Developer JavaScript, CAD/CAM/CAE/3D Graphics/Team Center/PLM, • C++ programming , Cloud Computing, Microservices development, and Graphics Libraries such as OpenGL, WebGL,Vulkan, DirectX04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
43Node JS DeveloperJavaScript, Unix, Node JS experience with microservices docker, Kubernetes and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
44QA+Python DeveloperAPI & Web based testing, AWS, Jmeter04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
45API TesterBackend Testing, API, Micro services and Postman Collections, Java, Python or Java Script and "Good Communication skills. Immediate joining is a big plus.03-05+YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
46Dot Net with Angular Developer.NET 4.x , HTML, JavaScript, Angular JS, TSQL (SQL Server 2017, 2019), Webservices (WEB API), Windows services, AJAX Javascript libraries such as jQuery and JSON, Git, Azure Devops, Web Development/Web Based Applications using C#.NET, ASP .NET, Angular JS, SQL Server 2017+.04+ YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
47Data Engineer (NFT, Blockchain)Python, Web Scraping, Data Mining, Data cleansing, AWS, Ethereum, Solana, NFT ecosystem, NFT development tools04-05 YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
48Blockchain FSD Web2, Blockchain, NFT, Vercel, Next js, Css/Tailwind, react, Typescript, AWS04-05 YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
49Data EngineerSpark/PySpark, Python, HDFS, BigData, Datalake, Data warehouse, Relational Database. ETL/ELT script, developing data pipelines to data warehouse, databases. PowerBI / Tableau / SSRS, No-SQL, Graph Databases, MS Visio, other modelling tools05-07 YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia
50UX/UI Designer Front end, UI/UX, Design, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, BackboneJS, ReactJS, DurandalJS, Bootstrap, html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery04-05 YearsPanchkula/Mohali/Gurugram/Bengaluru/Chennai/Pune/Dehradun/HyderabadIndia

We're an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.