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Mobile technology has skyrocketed over the years due to increasing popularity of smartphones. It is one of the fastest growing industries and iPhone web development has most definitely led the race from the front. Creating a mobile environment for your online presence has become very important in this era where communications is the top priority for any user. They like information on the tips of their palms and a web application is the best way forward.

There is no doubt that a traditional website would work well on PCs and laptops, but on smaller screen smartphones like iPhone, it becomes very cumbersome as the functionality is a bit decreased. This is the biggest reason why iPhones have seen a tsunami of applications in its app store. They give users advance functionality of latest technologies, making their daily tasks simpler.

The developers at A-1 Technology have precise skill set and expertise over iPhone SDK, which can yield fruitful results in the form of impeccable web applications. Over the years our iPhone web development services has enabled our clients to transform their websites and online database and provide that information in a simple and hassle free environment on iPhones.

We hold an in-depth knowledge on various technologies including Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash, ActionScript, Rich Internet Application (RIA), Object oriented PHP Zend Framework, Ruby on Rails Framework, jQuery JavaScript Framework, JSON, PureMVC Framework, Web Portal Development, eCommerce Shopping Cart, Amazon Web Services, PostgreSQL Database, MySQL Database, ExpressionEngine, WordPress Content Management System (CMS), Facebook applications, OpenSocial Framework, Web APIs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), JavaFX, AJAX Web Development 2.0, XHTML & CSS, Communication iPhone Web App Development, Business iPhone Web App Development, Gaming applications, Multimedia applications, Entertainment iPhone Web App Development, Apps for value conversions, Lua Programming, Lvrusa.

There are some different skill set involved as far as iPhone web development is concerned, with proper use of CSS schemes and tags that are supported by the processing web-engine on the iPhone. We at A-1 Technology work on basic fundamentals as far as web development is concerned and our methodology involves step by step integration covering all angles.

In Depth SDK study

We understand the fact that iPhone system development kit is an essential part on any form of iPhone development. Our developers take it upon themselves to utilize all the features involved in the SDK, which results in a better and more refined approach towards web development. We keep in sync with the latest updates of SDK to ensure that the web application is up to date.

UI Design Concept & Prototype development

The UI design is by far the most important aspect for any application as it provides overall aesthetics for the user experience. Our graphic designers as well as developers work in tandem to ensure that the web application not only has an impeccable design but that design also performs flawlessly. Based on your idea and according to the requirements we put forward various prototypes before going forward with the one that best suits your needs.

Application Development Process

Although innovative thinking and creativity is very much the core of any application development process, one cannot deny the fact that in-depth technological knowledge leaves everything behind. We have years of experience under our belt and a plethora of web applications that have been the result of the dedication of our developers. We try to find the most feasible solutions towards the needs of our clients. Right from the scratch, we work closely with our clients trying to understand their target market and business model, so that the final product covers all angles.

From initial idea to final product

After the initial phase where the client puts forward a rough idea in front of us to the final phase where we put the final product in front of the client, there are multiple pseudo codes that we put together at various steps of development.
We are of the view that if an idea is executed in a well defined manner, then it can lead to best result, which is why we have been able to set high standards and create industry specific web applications.

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